Montana Land sDAO (Slow DAO 1, LLC) — an sDAO for identifying and purchasing Montana Land and ‘Tokenizing’ the DAO membership interests.

What is an sDAO

An sDAO is a legally compliant way for DAOs to purchase assets like land, IP, etc. and put them on-chain, and allow token holders to participate in all economic activities (including disbursements) learn more about sDAOs

What is the Montana Land sDAO (Slow DAO 1, LLC)

the Montana Land sDAO is a ‘real asset’ DAO being organized by Slow DAO Hard Asset Manager, LLC using the new s-DAO template. It will identify parcels of land within Montana that show promise of prospective future value based on a myriad of factors including location, commercial or residential viability, and accessibility to infrastructure. We’ll commit an average of $500,000 to purchase parcels through the DAO, which is a Deleware LLC. The principles of the DAO are as follows:

1 - Compliance first. We’ve spent an inordinate amount of time, effort, and money to determine the ideal structure for executing on this vision in accordance with US law.

2 - Land only. The function of the DAO is to find and purchase land in Montana which will act as the MVP asset to prove our thesis due to relative simplicity of acquisition.

3 - Liquidity as a feature. Investor interests in the DAO will be locked for 1 year but subsequently become free to exchange through qualified channels.

4 - Starting Small. Membership in the DAO is open only to US Accredited Investors who are Qualified Purchasers, and no more than 499 individuals/entities will ever be members (there will be a maximum of 499 units available to investors and a cap on individual ownership of ~15%).

Who Can Participate?

US based Accredited Investors who are Qualified purchasers interested in ML1 s-DAO can follow the link below to contribute. To learn more feel free to reach out directly to [email protected] and we will find a time to connect.

Other Key Details

Operations and governance will be managed by the DAO. Though off-chain business operations will be conducted by the Slow DAO Hard Asset Manager, LLC (SDHAM). Approval of both purchase and liquidation of acquired parcels will be managed by DAO members.

SDHAM interest is making money for investors on reasonable terms. By enforcing a traditional fund structure we intend to align the interest of DAO members with Slow as the ‘manager’.

If you don’t like us? Give us the boot. We’ve baked a governance feature that enables replacement of the DAO manager with a 70% of memberships vote.

Learn More

Review the ‘Overview’ Document on the sDAO Our overview of the structure and participation is at link

See the Presentation for the sDAO Our overview presentation on the Montana Land opportunity is at link

Get the Full PPM, and document set full PPM and docs will be provided upon request before application. If you would like access please email [email protected]

Need Help sending USDC on Solana? we are happy to support you doing this live if you email us [email protected]. For an overview of how to do this on your own please see this link

More about the sDAO template for real world assets owned by DAOs on the blockchain here

Note: All sDAOs are Reg D, Rule 506c offerings pursuant to US Securities law.